Everything About Colors, Art and Design

Fire, passion, fierceness, sensuality, and intensity are a few adjectives that come to mind when thinking of the color red. One can use red to create a dramatic look that incites the senses. It’s also great for pillows and throws, an accent pattern on a rug, a focal painting, or anything that needs a pop of bold color to draw the eye.
Blue is a peaceful color, often used in nautical themes or beach houses to inspire relaxation. Light or dark hues of blue can be used as major components in art and design without one being afraid to “overdo it” on color. Try adding a dark blue rug and complimenting it with lighter blue décor pieces. Blue art is also very popular and works well with other colors on the
From lime to seaweed-tinted, green is used in many décor and art pieces to represent renewal, life, harmony, or even fertility. It is often associated with nature, as well. Sage is a very popular shade for velvet upholstery, and deep green is popular for accent chairs or lush throws. Green paintings can make a space look lightened, calm, and Zen as well.
The color orange is used to incite enthusiasm, encouragement, and creativity. Try using orange in art and design to create a funky feel that pops. Orange can also be used to create a chair or table that serves as a statement piece- especially bright and bold shades. Additions of orange art to the wall make something for everyone to talk about. You can’t miss this color.
Purple has historically been associated with royalty, and it still is. Deep shades of purple look rich, luxe, romantic, and sometimes feminine. Lavender décor pieces soften a space, while dark purple adds an air of mystery. Purple artwork helps add that finishing “mood” to your space’s design. Dark or light shades have their own ambiance, so design accordingly. Art and design within the home is all about color- manipulating shades of various hues to create a feeling, emotion, or vibe. The colors we choose to include in our personal art collection is a direct representation of our personality, style, and ambiance we wish to create for our space. Without color, collecting art would be boring, and adding life to one’s home would be impossible.

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