Pantone Color of The Year, 2022

Nocturne by Ned Martin
Created in 2020, Nocturne showcases how much of a visionary Martin seems to be. With his use of Very Peri as a source of impact, he was a couple of years early in understanding the deep emotions Very Peri is able to transmit. An unexpected mix between nature and modernism, the piece itself shares his view of the natural world via the pixelated eyes of technology. Are we looking at a bustling city at night? Perhaps sundown in the quiet countryside? Martin ultimately leaves it up to the viewer to allow their emotions to take over the piece and build a story in their minds.
Observance by Aurika Piliponiene
Aurika Piliponiene has been developing her craft for over 25 years. With a detailed and clear signature style, her pieces are hard to miss but easy to appreciate. In Observance we’re treated to a story surrounding angels and the Garden of Eden. We can see two figures who are conversing as they watch magic seep into the Garden. We also see ample use of Very Peri in the piece, along with several tone variations in purple and blue. One could imagine she chose Very Peri perhaps to convey the creative choices behind the piece and the emotions she’s looking to create. Wonder, a calm type of excitement, and a bit of unexpectedness.
Evening In The Front Row by Conchi Ororbia
Conchi Orobia is a native of Northen Spain who has been producing art since the young age of 10 when she first picked up a brush. She’s known for creating penetrating gazes and using color to invoke emotions that shapes alone perhaps wouldn’t be able to transmit. When it comes to the use of Very Peri in Evening In The Front Row we see a very distinctive use of it to color the subject’s headpiece. While the overall objective, in this case, was to showcase the journey of a woman attending a show in her most luxurious clothing, Very Peri seems to take the moment even further. The purple-blue shade helps contrast with her dark stare, drawing the eye to her expression of expectancy and quiet judgment. Very Peri is the color of the year due to its ability to encourage creativity and inquisitiveness. All emotions the woman in the painting also seems to want to show us.

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