Ann Baker
Ann Baker was born in 1948 in England. She is a self-taught artist who began to create in 2007 when she finished work and entered by second childhood.   

Her main genre is a type of surreal where her compositions are inhabited by everyday objects arranged in unexpected ways to create something playful, humorous, whimsical or absurd, and where there is little or no meaning and not much sense and where it is left to the viewer to make sense of what he/she sees.  If asked, she would say that her style is nothing more than ’Stuff and Nonsense’ as can be found in Nonsense Poetry.  

Her chosen medium is to create digitally by means of Photoshop using her own photographs and the masses of copyright free images to be found on the web. She is also passionate about iPhoneography and create using her iPhone and the myriad of photo manipulation apps readily available.  

The artist takes her inspiration from many areas such as the patterns and random harmonies created by the lights, colours and shapes in nature. She is also inspired by contemporary artists such as Maggie Taylor, Liz Huston, Rafal Olbinski and Eduardo Recife. Oh, and of course, the works of Lewis Carroll.